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Colombian Black-tailed deer:  These are the most numerous deer in the state.   Their range is coastal mountains from Oregon to Santa Barbara.

California mule deer:  These are the second most abundant deer in California.   These are generally found in along the western slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
Rocky Mountain mule deer:  The largest deer in California and the third most abundant species in the state.  Their range is throughout the west and along the eastern slope of the Cascade-Sierra Nevada chain to Southern Modoc county
Southern mule deer: These deer occupy portions of San Diego, Orange and West Riverside counties.  I have personally hunted these deer and to me these are some of the smallest deer I have ever seen.
Burro mule deer: These deer inhabit the southeastern deserts in Santa Bernadino and Imperial counties.
Inyo mule deer: DFG has some new information and because of that may reclassify this deer.